Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Stormwater Attenuation & Soakaway Crates

Construction projects, particularly involving stormwater management, are often impacted by concerns for the environment and new legislation.

StormMaster is an innovative company specialising in underground infiltration and attenuation tanks in connection with sustainable urban drainage (SUDs) schemes for environmental protection projects within the construction industry. We provide a range of geosynthetic structural crates that can be used in a variety of situations to create underground soakaways and attenuation structures to suit almost all loading situations.

Attenuation & Soakaway Solutions

Stormmaster Landscape

Landscape 20T Crate

Our 100% recycled Landscape crate is designed for use in landscaped and pedestrian areas, or indeed any non-loaded situations. It has a bearing load of 20t/m2.

Heavy Duty 40T Crate

Our 100% recycled Heavy Duty crate is ideally suited for vehicular loads such as housing, commercial & infrastructure projects. It has a bearing load of 40t/m2.


Whether you need to design, specify, purchase or install a SUDs system, StormMaster is here to advise you and help ensure the successful outcome of your project

Our Happy Clients!

"Working with StormMaster has been a game-changer for our urban projects. Their innovative geocellular crate systems have not only streamlined our water management processes but also significantly reduced environmental impact. Highly recommended for any urban development project"​​
Anna Mitchell
"StormMaster's commitment to sustainable drainage solutions aligns perfectly with our firm's eco-friendly approach. Their products are top-notch, and their technical team is always ready to assist with tailored solutions. A partnership we truly value!"​​
Liam Turner
In the fast-paced world of construction, having a reliable partner like StormMaster is invaluable. Their quick product delivery from the Sunderland recently completed North East facility, ensures our projects stay on track, and the quality of their systems is unmatched. Kudos to the StormMaster team!
Jeson Foxx

Frequently Asked Questions

Empowering you with accurate answers to common queries

There are 2.5 StormMaster crates to a m3.

Full loads consist of 26 pallets each containing 8 full crates totaling 208 number giving 83.2m3.

Each pallet has 56 inners sideless crates giving 14m crates per pallet and 26 pallets are 5.6m3 per full load.

The red clips (Shear connectors) are for layer-to-layer assembly 2 clips per crate, the yellow clips are for crate to crate on each layer and for sidewall connection on the perimeter crates.

The yellow discs are the closer caps that fit into the open cone on the top layer only of the tank to prevent ingress when back filling.

The StormMaster has a void ratio of 95.8% giving 383 litres of actual storage from the total of 400 litres in the 1m x 1m x 0.4m crate size.

StormMaster is made of 100% recycled material that can be recyclable in the future if required.

StormMaster can be used for attenuation and soakaway projects for landscaping and heavy duty please call our team to discuss your project.

StormMaster can be installed at various depths depending on soil strength and loadings, please call our team to discuss your project for guidance and advise.

Yes, StormMaster can be maintained with both options.

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